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a. Table of Contents

i. Seminars
ii. Press
iii. Archive Newsletters

b. Seminars

  1. Divorce 101, May 1st, 6-9 pm, New York City Bar Association, 42 W 44th St NY, NY.
  2. The New Rights of Nonbiological Parents, June 26, 4-5 pm, Axis, 811 7th Ave. NY, NY.
  3. Drafting Matrimonial Agreements, November 8th, 6-9 pm, New York City Bar Association, 42 W 44th St. NY, NY

c. Press

  1. I am in this story
  2. Sherri Donovan Esq. Counsels Mob Wife on VH1 Hit Show
  3. Landmark Custody Battle Over Dog In Divorce
  4. Ms. Donovan as Congressman's Rangel's Wife's Divorce Attorney
  5. Ms. Donovan Quoted on the Gore Divorce
  6. With Gay Marriage Comes Gay Divorce
  7. Ma: Jets Stud Stole My Baby!
  8. New York Law Journal: Special Needs Children and Divorce
  9. Sherri's non-profit: Bringing Hope to Senegal
  10. What's Love Got to do With it: Violence at Home
  11. Will Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise�s Divorce be a Public Battle?
  12. Sherri Donovan Drafts Law to Save Small Businesses
  13. Pets Increasingly at Center of Divorce Battles
  14. Advocates of Small Business Protection Ponder Ways to Take Back NYC

d. Archive Newsletters

  1. 2015 Changes in Family Law
  2. June 2015 Newsletter
  3. Divorce In The Digital Age
  4. Managing Your Money in 2014
  5. Happy Holidays from Sherri Donovan and the Children of West Africa!!!
  6. Groundbreaking Case for Pets Rights in Divorce
  7. Love, Marriage and Divorce
  8. Family Center Grand Opening
  9. July 2013 Newsletter: Summer News Flash!
  10. March 2013 Newsletter: Chasing Away the Winter Blues: Blossoming Into Spring
  11. Sherri Donovan '85 Sees Matrimonial Law as a Way to Help the Underdog
  12. October 2011 It’s about time: Same Sex Marriage is legal in New York
  13. March 2011 Parenting Coordination: A new approach to avoiding & reducing conflict
  14. October 2010 Legislative Changes in Matrimonial Law
  15. March 2010 Divorce in Hard Economic Times

Hit Him Where It Hurts: The Take-No-Prisoners Guide to Divorce, Alimony, Custody, Child Support, and More.